Streichquartett No.1, 2007

For string quartet with additional piano and / or harp; 14 min;
COMMISSIONED BY Ensemble Apartment House and the BBC
PREMIERE: BBC Studios London, May 20, 2007, Apartment House

VolksMusik, 2007, composed with Maurice de Martin

for clarinet (and bagpipe), trumpet, violin, violoncello, double bass, piano, electric childrens' guitar, percussion (also zimbal), all musicians also vocal
suite of eleven pieces: batuta, jodler, picior, bergeinsamkeit, bouchimish, holzerruf, COWBELLS (extract below), picior, hora, sirba, waltz; 43 min.COMMISSIONED BY Danube-Festival Krems, Austria
PREMIERE: Donaufestival Krems, Austria, April 29, 2007, zeitkratzer

no:no, 2005

for bass clarinet, trumpet, tuba, violin, violoncello, double-bass, piano, percussion, (all amplified), electronic; 45 min;
COMMISSIONED BY Serpentine Gallery London, UK
PREMIERE: Serpentine Gallery London, September 16; 2005; zeitkratzer

Cheap Imitation: Schoenberg Pierrot Lunaire, 2005

for voice and clarinet (also flute), bass clarinet, trumpet, tuba, violin, violoncello, double-bass, piano, percussion; 21 min;
COMMISSIONED BY Wiener Festwochen, Vienna, Austria and Asphodel San Francisco
PREMIERE at: Konzerthaus Wien, Wiener Festwochen June 9, 2005; zeitkratzer

Possling, 2004

for flute, bassclarinet, oboe, violin, viola, violoncello, piano, percussion; 8 min;
COMMISSIONED BY the City of Berlin, Senat für kulturelle Angelegenheiten Berlin;
PREMIERE: Berlin, Klangwerkstatt Kreuzberg, November 6, 2004, Ensemble Mosaik;

Xenakis [a]live!, 2004

for bassclarinet, trumpet, tuba, violin, violincello, double-bass, piano, sampler (two samples), percussion (all amplified); 54 min;
COMMISSIONED BY Wiener Festwochen, Vienna, Austria and Asphodel San Francisco
PREMIERE: Wiener Festwochen June 6, 2004, zeitkratzer; 
other performances: World Music Days Zagreb, Croatia; Jeunesses Musicales Graz, Austria; Podewil Berlin, Germany; Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, UK; Musicadhoy Madrid, Spain; Palast der Republik Berlin with a Choreographie by Sasha Waltz for twenty dancers;

Global Concern, 2003

music with fashion and dance (fashion: Lisa D, choreography: Milli Bitterli) 
for clarinet (also bassclarinet), trumpet, tuba, violin, violincello, double-bass, piano, sampler, percussion (all amplified); 53 min;
COMMISSIONED BY Steirischer Herbst Graz, Austria
PREMIERE: Graz, Austria, Steirischer Herbst, November 21, 2003, zeitkratzer
other performances: Berlin, Haus der Kulturen der Welt; transart festival, Italy;

Neo-Bechstein, 2003

for the historical Neo-Bechstein-grand-piano and spacialisation (8 channel); 42 min;
COMMISSIONED BY Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM) Karlsruhe and MaerzMusik Berliner Festspiele
programming and performing live-spacialisation: Sukandar Kartadinata
supported by David Balzer, piano constructer Berlin;
PREMIERE: ZKM Karlsruhe Kubus, January 28, 2003; 
other performances: Berlin Maerzmusik; Porgy & Bess, Wien, Austria; IEM Institut für elektronische Musik,Graz, Austria;

Random Dilettants, 2002

for variable chamber group and variable duration, also as installation;
PREMIERE: Amsterdam, 2002, zeitkratzer;
CD: zeitkratzer: random Dilettants, mort aux vaches Staalplaat, Amsterdam 2003;

winter was hard too…, 1999

for violin, saxophone and inside-piano; 14 min;
PREMIERE: Festival Les Musiques, Marseille, France, 1999, Burkhard Schlothauer (v), Ulrich Krieger (a-sax), Reinhold Friedl (p)
CD: H\ybrid S\ound S\ystem (Reinhold Friedl / Ulrich Krieger), tourette, 2004;

Draft, 1997

for saxophone, circular-breathing trumpet, tuba, violin, violincello, double-bass, piano, accordion, percussion (all amplified); 3 min;
PREMIERE: Podewil Berlin, 1999;
CD: zeitkratzer soundinX, 2000 timescraper music Berlin;

Epitaff, 1996

for one or more grand pianos; variable duration;
PREMIERE: Podewil Berlin, 1996, Piano Inside-Out
other performances: a.o. Bodenseefestival SWR, Perugia, Italy; Logos Gent
CD: Piano-Inside-Out, edition zeitklang 1998;

Hai-q, 1994

for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, violoncello, piano; 3 min;
PREMIERE: BKA, Unerhörte Musik, Berlin, 1994; modern art sextet;
CD: on modern art sextet, academy label 1996 Akademie der Künste Berlin;