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string quartet no 3


Written for Quatuor Diotima, dedicated to Pierre Morlet.
Commissioned by G((o))ing Tomorrow Festival,  Copenhagen Denmark.
Recorded by Quatuor Diotima, CD La Muse en Circuit, Paris with Diotima Quartet (2018)

String quartet no 3 can be listened to as a reference to some modern string quartet sound. Famous chords and melodies are quoted and hidden in their pure quantity. Sweet sugar music. An essay how to compose a decrescendo without a culmi­nation point. Slowly and precisely slip away, ending nowhere.

Reinhold Friedl’s string quartets do not pretend to be string quartets: they are anti-Goethe. There is no sophisticated conversation of four elder gentlemen, sit­ting in arm chairs. The music is physical work for the performers and intended to be physical pleasure for the listeners. All three quartets are based on the same idea: smooth transformations from a given texture into another one. The random-driven details vary between the pieces and the parts of the pieces. Meanwhile Reinhold Friedl developed a software in the frame of a PHD project at Goldsmiths University London to help him modeling these texture transpositions.