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Reinhold Friedl - Piano
Michael Vorfeld - Percussion, Stringed Instruments
Bernhard Günter - Electric Cellotar

recorded at Podewil Berlin, 2003 by Daniel Dorsch
mixed by Ralf Meinz

TOCO42 - Trente Oiseaux

Bernhard Günter:
For this release the respected improvisation duo of Reinhold Friedl, inside piano and Michael Vorfeld, percussion and stringed instruments is joined by Bernhard Günter, electric cellotar. This trio music is quite different from that of my trio +minus, it is quite dense (at times almost orchestral) and intense, although of very low volume (please resist the temptation to turn the volume up), constantly changing atmospheres and moods. The intensity of our session is well captured by the recording (as well as a bit of background noise that becomes noticeable during the most silent moments), and so the CD provides a listening experience you should not miss.