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inside-piano CD

zkr0013 - 2 CDs, all music performed and composed by Reinhold Friedl, tt: 70:51 min
This double CD is released in conjunction with a vinyl LP on Hrönir. The vinyl contains three additional pieces which are not included in this release. www.hronir.de
recorded by Ralf Meinz at Philharmonie Luxembourg, July 8-9, 2010 (Steinway D-274, Neumann U87 and Neumann KM184)
mixed and mastered by Rashad Becker


“Friedl has developed his “inside piano” technique to such a level of delicacy and precision, that any anticipated distinctions between instrumental and electroacoustic music, or between improvisation and composition are dissolved or transcended”
[Stephen Robinson, The Wire Magazine]

Orinigal Release Note:
This is the first solo release of zeitkratzer’s mastermind Reinhold Friedl. He teaches the grand piano how to sing and to sound like an orchestra, calling this new way of playing an old instrument “Inside-Piano”. Many listeners of zeitkratzer releases do not recognise particular sounds that come from the piano and thus cannot identify it. After listening to this release, the source will become clear and they will get a new idea of the instrument!

The good old grand piano plays aggressive noise attacks, choir-like symphonic movements, strange complex sound fibrillations, sometimes lighting up single prepared piano notes, juxtaposed with the tremendous bass of the nearly three-meter long strings...

Recorded on a Steinway D concert piano at the Philharmonie Luxembourg, this double CD is released together with a vinyl LP with additional material on the label hrönir.


Reinhold Friedl lives in Berlin as a “veritable renaissance man” (Asphodel). He studied piano with the grande dame of German piano teaching Renate Werner, as well as with Alan Marks and Alexander von Schlippenbach. Besides his acclaimed solo piano work, he founded and directs zeitkratzer, one of the most resourceful and influential contemporary music groups active today. As a composer Friedl received commissions from such institutions as Wien Modern, the BBC London, the French State, Berliner Festspiele, ZKM Karlsruhe, amongst others. As a curator he invented the legendary Off-ICMC at the International Computer Music Conference in Berlin, and additionally writes professional articles and radio features. Furthermore he studied mathematics and composition with Witold Szalonek and Mario Bertoncini and has received scholarships in Paris, Rome, Marseille, San Francisco and Amsterdam. He gives concerts worldwide and has released numerous CDs and recordings for broadcast. However as this new release clearly demonstrates, Friedl always returns to his love for the piano!