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Reinhold Friedl - piano
Michael Vorfeld - percussion

Reinhold Friedl and Michael Vorfeld have created some of the most engaging and imaginative electro-acoustic music, exploring the potentials of subtle performance techniques and refined compositional approaches.

On Pech, the duo seeks to uncover the hidden and masked character of their instruments - the piano is altered via various preparations and unconventional ways of bringing the strings to vibration, whilst the percussion and other various stringed instruments transgress beyond the rhythmic into a humming textural mass. The result of these two musical workstations meeting is simply breathtaking and reveals a range of provocative and commanding qualities from these traditional instrumental set-ups.

1| Pech (20:48 )

2| Keks (13:10) 

3| Torf (16:33 )

Total: 50:31

RM414 - Room 40

Recorded at Podewil, Berlin 2005
Mixed and mastered by Ralf Meinz