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[20/10/2021 | 20:00] Solo Piano Recital - Sacrum Profanum Festival Krakow, Poland

Franz Liszt - Unstern: Sinistre, Disastro

Georgy Ligeti - musica ricercata II – mesto, rigido e cerimoniale

Zbigniew Karkowski - Execution of Intelligence II

Terre Thaemlitz - Ten-Thirty

Reinhold Friedl’s solo recital presents radical piano music: Franz Liszt’s atypical sound composition Unstern: Sinistre, Disastro, probably composed in 1886, the year of his death, explores dark dissonances and dispenses almost entirely with virtuoso show. This composition by Liszt probably inspired Georgy Ligeti to compose his musica ricercata II – mesto, rigido e cerimoniale, well-known for the use by Kubrick in his movie Eyes Wide Shut. Zbigniew Karkowski (1958-2013), known for his radical electronic music, composed Execution of Intelligence II for Reinhold Friedl in 2002. The composition will be premiered in this concert: the physical challenging piano piece shows the incredibly intensity of Karkowski’s music.

Ten-Thirty by Terre Thaemlitz is based on a conceptual setting, Thaemlitz conceived for Reinhold Friedl: the score is an acoustic one and played to the interpreter via headphones, who tries to cope the heard material, that will be slightly alienated.