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Super Lab 05 at Super Sonic! Inside-Piano at it's best...


[20/06/2024 / 19:30 ] Valencia, Spain - Piano Solo - SuperLab05

Piano Solo Recital at Super Lab 05 at Super Sonic! Inside-Piano at it's best...


On Thursday June 20th Super-lab 5 arrives, the fifth session of the experimental music and audio art cycle linked to the Super-sonic by Sono-lab collection. This will be the last concert of the season and will feature an international performance by the artist Reinhold Friedl.

Reinhold Friedl studied piano among others with Alexander von Schlippenbach and Alan Marks in Berlin, composition with Mario Bertoncini (nuova consonanza) and Witold Szalonek. He collaborated with musicians like Keiji Haino, Elliott Sharp, Alvin Lucier, Zbigniew Karkowski, Lou Reed, Carsten Nicolai, Diotima String Quartet, Laurie Anderson – to name a few - and released more than hundred CDs.

Beside his activities as composer and as leader of the internationally acclaimed new music group zeitkratzer, Reinhold Friedl is renowned for his passionate and peerless piano performances. He invented numerous new techniques of playing a grand piano directly on the strings and baptised it “inside piano”. “Reinhold Friedl has developed his “inside piano” technique to such a level of delicacy and precision that the tonalities extracted from the instrument bear little resemblance of their acoustic source.”, wrote The Wire Magazine London.  Phosphormagazine stated: "Unbelievable that one can creates such sounds with a grand piano!" and the Australian Realtime attested “tremendous power. Overwhelming!”